Kranji Countryside - Bollywood Veggies - Pond

Kranji Countryside: The “Rural” Face of Singapore

Three dollars and you get a seat on the hourly shuttle bus from the Kranji train station to Kranji Countryside. I chose to drop off at Bollywood Veggies, a 10-acre farm featuring huge varieties of plants. This was only matched by the handwritten signs educating visitors on the crops they were looking at.

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Penang Georgetown Hotel Balcony

Penang [Jul 2016]: Pick Roads, Not Hotels

Accommodation. As with all compromises, temporary housing solutions are often not too pleasing, especially if they reside on the lower rungs of our travel priorities. I personally care little, as long as basic needs and cleanliness are in order. Yet following my induction into planning, I was eager to avoid the amusement I had on a certain up-lift-ing night in HK.

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JB Customs

JB to SG: Tangled in Corridors and Lanes

Have you ever been to shopping malls where the escalators alternate directions? Normally, you’d assume a small displacement is all it takes to go up each floor. But no, you have to walk across a dozen stores to reach the next ‘up’ escalator, then again for the next, and the next. Really, did they think annoying us will make us more willing to stroll into the stores?

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HK/Macau [Dec 2015]: An Up-Lift-ing Night

I laughed my head off on my first night in Hong Kong.

Though I planned our itinerary, I was minimally involved in the booking of guesthouses. Exam period, after all. My family had a consensus, though, that we should not spend unnecessarily on residence, especially as our travel companions aren’t keen to spend too much. It can’t be that bad; after all, aren’t HK and Singapore distant buddies of sort?

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