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10 Most Thoughtful But Less Popular Singapore Blogs

What would you do to find the best content that people in Singapore blog? You’d likely Google top Singapore blogs. Yet like all search engines, Google is powered by algorithms which use quantity as indicative to quality.

The first result was a Top 50 list from ASEAN Up, which analyzed over 120 blogs and ordered them by estimated monthly traffic and social media follower counts. Similar lists were posted by The Smart Local and Alvinology, both among the most popular Singapore blogs.

But is popularity equal to substance? They are not equal, but neither are they mutually exclusive. Yet there is no way that Google can judge quality in human ways. That needs to be done by humans. And there are lists curated by humans. I found lists of lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, parent bloggers, and sociopolitical bloggers.

Nonetheless, these are among the most popular types of blogs. If you check the list out, many genres are little accounted for in the lists of top Singapore blogs. I thus decided to make my own alternative list, with these criteria:

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10 Most Thoughtful But Less Popular Singapore Blogs
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