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A Sociological Empath

NUS “Must-Take” Sociology Modules

Five semesters in, I finally feel like I belong with Sociology. Much has to do with the way I constitute ideas. I don’t rush into asking questions, making judgments, or finding formulas. I prefer to tackle readings on a clean slate and allow them to settle into the subconscious, until...

How I Pick Sociology Modules

Why take Sociology if you don’t exercise your agency? 4 factors at play: Timetable, Assessment, Curriculum, Self-Development.

A Sociological Empath

Computing IGP profiles: The Value of Degrees

In my introductory class to sociology, I was told that back in the 1960s, one needed higher grades to pursue an Arts/Social Sciences degree than a Law degree. Law? LOL are you kidding me? It drew gasps all around. I had no way to verify it, but basic sociological reasoning informs...

Studying for Learning or for Grades?

Studying: For Learning or For Grades?

[context: social sciences] The model answer, of course, is learning. But maybe the zealous in us needs a little taming. Could it be wiser to actually study for grades? Studying: For Learning or For Grades?Rate this!

College Triangle of Priorities: The 4th Priority

College Triangle of Priorities: The 4th Priority

Image Link Study + Sleep + Social Life: Pick only two. Students all over must have surely heard of this terrifying maxim. New students, welcome to jail! Old students, your term will soon be up! The choice is yours, what you want to sacrifice. You are free, to choose which...

A Sociological Empath

The Inversion of Feedback in University

Report books were fascinating at a younger age. Whether you were struggling or soaring, the numbers mattered as a symbol of pride and a validation of one’s infant identity. I took relish in continually climbing up the overall school rankings from Pri 2 to Pri 6. Yet despite my love...

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