Finding a Fit for Life’s Functions

When is the last time you opened your wardrobe?

We do it whenever we want a change of clothes. Wardrobe decisions – over what to buy, wear, dump – may be an abundant joy for some, but an absolute chore for others. Whether you like it or not, it is a necessary part of everyday life. We rarely want to turn up anywhere in public in our birthday suits!

Do you find your everyday life not worth thinking about? Want to think again? Society judges you for what you study, where you work, and how much you earn. You judge society for its biased media, cut-throat politics, and misshaped environment. You find refuge in music, the arts, travel, and hopefully, healthy relationships. Divide them if you must, but wherever you go, and whatever you do, everything belongs to your everyday reality.

You may think you understand reality – it’s common sense, right? – but the world you see is invisibly tinted by society. No one is exempt. To perceive the world as it is, we need a healthy body and an engaged mind. Only with both can we grow the heart to work at finding a fit for life’s functions. Only then can you move on from who you are, to discover who you can become.

Finding A Fit In Everyday Life

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What can I give you here? Simply put, a change of clothes. I will not tell you what to buy, wear, or dump. But I can open your eyes to the range of options available, if you are willing to open your ears. I will not say too much each time, so that you can spend some time listening to yourself. Try out these selections:

Starters: Podcasts/Quotes/Theories
Mains: Musings/Observations/Op-Eds
Desserts: Translations/Resources
Buffets: Creators/Submissions

My message is this: Don’t be an uncritical conformist. Don’t be a daredevil deviant, either. We like to think that life exists in strict dichotomies: right vs wrong, smart vs dumb, work vs play, good vs evil. Yet everyday reality tells a different story. It is within the grey areas that we learn empathy. It is also here that we can truly exercise our agency.

Finding a fit is a process of constant negotiation, which starts with learning the rules. We have to learn the dress codes from the most formal to informal. With this repertoire of knowledge, you will be able to fill a wardrobe with Smart Casual outfits – the ones that fit you best, in any of life’s functions.

I hope you can find value in my wardrobe decisions and (metaphorical) malfunctions. Never hesitate to share what you like with those you care about in your everyday lives. Just remember, what fits on you often does not fit on others. They have to find their own styles for the functions of everyday life.

May you discover who you can become!

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Finding a Fit for Life’s Functions
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