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Dissociation from Sociology and SEO

Reading List: NUS SC2220 Gender Studies

Gender is a hot topic among Sociology students. And so it is among American citizens. The failed campaign of what would be the first female US president coincided with the election of someone recorded on tape boasting of sexual misconduct. If you take a cultural angle towards politics, the backlash...

Are Street Buskers Marginalized in Singapore?

Buskers are rooted while pedestrians keep moving. They are passively labelled an ‘other’, to the extent they cannot perceive possibilities beyond entertainment.

Low Thia Khiang Goh Chok Tong Parliament

Rereading the Best Articles on the 38 Oxley Road Saga

As the allegations among the Lee siblings abate (for now), let us take a step back and relook at articles which may help us make better sense of the escalating saga. Despite all the noise, no one can be certain of the facts. Rather than add to the speculation, perhaps...

A Sociological Empath

David Moore – The Opinion Makers (Book Review)

When I first wrote this in 2012, polls showed an incredibly tight US presidential race between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney. The Realclearpolitics (RCP) average showed Romney leading by less than a percentage point, while the projected delegate total shows a slender lead for Obama. This was on...

A Sociological Empath

CNY Angbao Ranting

Note 1: Originally published on Feb 13, 2013 Note 2: But these things don’t grow old! If you are Singaporean, I’m sure you have heard. The big news of the Chinese New Year thus far. A 13-year-old boy posted a photo with his angbao receipts totalling some S$700. Then through Facebook, complained how...