A Sociological EmpathHi, my name is Eugene Lim. I am a final-year Sociology major at the National University of Singapore. Consider me a cultural blogger, but more so a student of everyday life.

This blog is Ground Zero of my writing visions. It extends an invitation: To see our selves as colored by cultures, and to brighten the colors of our society. I promise not expertise, but an ethos of empathy and curiosity.

You may think that everyday life is just common sense, and see no practical need to challenge it. But your “common” sense is invisibly tinted by society. Your decisions tend to be made out of options defined by others. And so it’s important to observe the world in others’ shoes, so you can discover what you really want and find a fit for your own unique sense within everyday life. It is thus more practical than you think it is.

I know none of you have much time to spare. You have obligations in school, at work, and at home. And so I have put myself in digital shoes and opted for a more componental approach. You will find short posts (mostly 300-700 words) you can digest in minutes on the train, over lunch, or before sleep. My expectation is that, bit by bit, this blog will become a library for reflection, far more than the sum of its parts.

My hope is that SmartCasualSG will eventually join up with other parts – Socio Empath on Facebook; Sociological Quotes and SmartCasualSG on Instagram – and help provoke a reflexive shift in society. We can each, bit by bit, become far more than the sum of society’s prescribed parts.

May we all gain a little agency from integrating life’s functions with the sociological imagination.

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Feel free to contact me for any queries or engagements.

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