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Sociology Quotes - Max Weber on Vocation of Science

Self-Help Quotes: Max Weber on Scientific Personality

Who Is Max Weber? A German sociologist – regarded as one of its three founders – and political economist. He surfaced in 1864, and departed in 1920. In his time, he argued that capitalism developed out of a Protestant ethic, which regarded work as a religious calling. As the religion...

Finding a Career Fit for Sociology Students

Can Sociology Students Work in Specialist Fields?

“You can do anything you want” is a self-help refrain that often shows up in the sales pitches of generalist disciplines, not least Sociology. The problem with having too many options is that Sociology graduates-to-be still have no idea which career path(s) to take. Thus many end up as teachers, researchers,...

A Sociological Empath

8 Career Pathways for Creative People

If creativity is in your bones – test yourself with the RIASEC test! – the conventional wisdom of elders and even peers may lead to choices detrimental to our career satisfaction. Thankfully, Carol Eikleberry has outlined the various options for us to support our creativity and our livelihoods at the same time:

A Sociological Empath

6 Career Personality Types (RIASEC)

“Too many careers; too few careers for me!” If this statement appeals to you – like me – try doing the Holland Code Career Test (or RIASEC test)! This self-assessment will help you identify your preferences and by extension, suitable work environments. Remember to respond based on your level of interest, not...

Is the 6-Hour Workday for Singapore?

Sweden is the chocolate factory for the modern developed world. Whenever our problems need an outlet, we crave for more endorphins. We look for the handy jar of Swedes. It was the case with education, free and rote-free. So it is now, with the 6-hour workday making the rounds on the Internet, even if...