Nokia 6030

Phoney Problems: Failing at Normalcy

I got my first phone at age 16. I got my first smartphone at age 21. These numbers make little sense unless I situate myself within cultural developments. So let me clarify: I got my first phone – a Nokia 6030 hand-me-down – almost 2 years after the release of the 1st generation of iPhones.

That placed me in the visible minority.

As a result, I was hyper-conscious about my phone. I spent more time looking at others’ phones than mine. Then, iPhones remained a luxury good, so most peers possess other brands of smartphones, like LG. Yet my attentions were fixated on those with traditional number-pad phones. In a class of 34, I counted only 2. One of them used it because his smartphone broke down. The other eventually switched in the latter half of the year.

Me? I kept mine nestled in my pocket. I took it out only in the absence of others.

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Digital Shoes

Putting Myself in Digital Shoes

For the course of this blog, I have always looked to put myself in my own shoes. My feet was growing, so I needed to keep making clear where I stand. Whenever my toes grew sore, I had to get larger shoes. My burgeoning vision finally grew to size these past few months!

But as I have since figured, adulthood comes with greater responsibilities. It’s no longer enough to think about my own comforts. I must think about what others are comfortable with, wherever I meet them. I have to find a fit for life’s functions.

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News Feeds Make Us Multi-Polar

A place that brings us together. And bonds us further. Even when we are apart.

This is the promise of social media. Or as it appears now, the edge of the Earth we will never reach. Scroll all you wish, you are never getting to the end of the news feed. But we keep scrolling, because we aren’t satisfied with our haul. Maybe it is our problem, for being too discontent. Maybe it is others’ problem, for being too disagreeable.

Or maybe it is the news feed’s problem.

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Inconvenient Questions Down, The Online Citizen Hiatus

The Downfall of Alternative News Sites in Singapore?

All Singapore alternative news sites, political enthusiasts and swing voters.

Things came to a head in GE2011, when discontent with the ruling PAP’s perceived lack of citizen consultation led to electoral punishment and fed the emerging clout of alternative news sites, in challenge to mainstream, state-regulated ones like The Straits Times.

New platforms had emerged in the run-up to GE2015, such as The Middle Ground and Inconvenient Questions, which claim to offer a 3rd alternative. (But that assumes all existing sites are inherently biased for or against PAP.) Very well then, the more the merrier!

Not all’s well, though. Read on.

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SG Foreign Worker Poet

1st SG Foreign Worker Poet: Migrant Difficulties

Article: Foreign worker who published book started by scribbling poetry on bags of cement
Source: Straits Times (23 May, 2016)


Migrants of low privilege, Prejudiced locals, Aspiring writers, and Underdog story lovers.


Md Mukul Hossine, a Bangladeshi construction worker in Singapore, published a poetry collection Me Migrant with Ethos Books on 1 May. He wrote in Bengali and received help with the translations from Singaporean poet Cyril Wong no less! He has also published 2 books in Bangladesh.
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