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News Feeds Make Us Multi-Polar

A place that brings us together. And bonds us further. Even when we are apart. This is the promise of social media. Or as it appears now, the edge of the Earth we will never reach. Scroll all you wish, you are never getting to the end of the news feed....

Inconvenient Questions Down, The Online Citizen Hiatus

The Downfall of Alternative News Sites in Singapore?

Inconvenient Questions is down. The Online Citizen is taking a break. What next?

SG Foreign Worker Poet

1st SG Foreign Worker Poet: Migrant Difficulties

A tale for migrants of low privilege, prejudiced locals, aspiring writers, and underdog story lovers.

Twitter: Mindful Guide for 2016 Newbies

Before you get sucked into the black hole of endless distraction. Or have you already? There’s still time!