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Some Kind of Heaven Movie Poster

Some Kind of Heaven, or Hell, but who’s to say?

If you were to retire in a month’s time, what would be ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ for you?

How to be a Busker in Singapore? (Quick Guide)

Do you want to sing, dance, juggle, draw, paint, or mime? Just do it, rock the street! Oh wait, you first need a license from the National Arts Council.

Bess Chan at iPreciation - Undertone Exhibition

SG Arts: Undertone Exhibition @ iPreciation Gallery

Yesterday saw the conclusion of Undertone, an exhibition at the iPreciation gallery of 3 emerging artists from Singapore: Yeo Tze Yang, Bess Chan, and Goh Jian Hong. As an aspiring creator myself – albeit of a different medium – I wanted to witness the efforts of these artists, two of whom...

Bolt Phelps Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Heroes: From Legends to Mortals

Why do we watch sports? You can do the research, but I’m guessing we are looking for heroes. Heroic stories to rouse us from the monotony of our everyday routines. Maybe even restore our faith in humanity, battered too much by terrorist attacks, keyboard warriors, and Donald Trump insults.

CNY River Hongbao Multi-Ethnicity

SG Streetscapes: Photographing River Hongbao

Most of my Lunar New Years had been spent among relatives, so I wanted to immerse in the public festivities for a change. Taking photos was easy in the thick of camera-equipped crowds. The main issue was, how well can I represent the cultural realities in ever-moving crowds? The field...

红星大奖 Star Awards 2016 Rocket Award Contenders

There is a massive revamp for this year’s Star Awards, and they have drawn much debate. Perhaps rightfully so. Here are some key changes: ‘Best Evergreen Artiste Award’ – New ‘Best Programme Host’ – 2 combined into 1 Top 10 Most Popular – Female in Show 1; Male in Show...