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Some Kind of Heaven Movie Poster

Some Kind of Heaven, or Hell, but who’s to say?

If you were to retire in a month’s time, what would be ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ for you?

Queenstown, New Zealand Travel Scenery

4 Years of Travel across the Seas of Opinions

Four years ago, I thought that travel was pointless, or at least optional. It was nearing the end of my two years in National Service, and over two months till the start of university. But I was in no mood to travel. Those years after JC were my most socially...

9 Unorthodox Ideas for Your Graduation Trip

University exams are over, and mostly everyone are on about or off on their graduation trips. It is peak hour on Instagram. So if all you are travelling to is home, and you are prone to losing control of your emotions, then please take a detour to avoid the traffic....

Dissociation from Sociology and SEO

Sociology & SEO: Dissociating from Alternative Worlds

Over the past 6 or 9 months, I have vacillated over how to take SmartCasualSG forward. Some changes are visible: my domain is now self-hosted, my front-end layout has changed, and so have my pen name. Having overcome my dread of going public, I started a Facebook page—with even more...

Alain de Botton Quotes

7 Alain de Botton Empath Quotes on Fame

Who is Alain de Botton? A Swiss-born British writer with eclectic interests and remarkable eloquence. He surfaced in 1969 and published a bestseller novel in 1993. His first non-fiction book came in 1997, straddling genre boundaries and spanning topics from philosophy to architecture to work to travel. In 2008, he...

Socio Empath on Facebook

10 Most Thoughtful But Less Popular Singapore Blogs

What would you do to find the best content that people in Singapore blog? You’d likely Google top Singapore blogs. Yet like all search engines, Google is powered by algorithms which use quantity as indicative to quality. The first result was a Top 50 list from ASEAN Up, which analyzed...