9 Unorthodox Ideas for Your Graduation Trip

University exams are over, and mostly everyone are on about or off on their graduation trips. It is peak hour on Instagram. So if all you are travelling to is home, and you are prone to losing control of your emotions, then please take a detour to avoid the traffic. Facebook is an obvious option, as is reading a blog about finding freedom within everyday life. Hi there 🙂

If you don’t mind the traffic, then it is quite the experience to stay put and watch the Stories unfold incessantly, in real time. What a blue sky! What a tiny portion of food! Then put down your windows and let the sounds reach your ears. What an awesome busker! What the noise was that! And you hurry to turn down the volume of your phone speakers.

Did you release a long sigh of jealousy?

Why, because your friends are free but you are not—you are trapped in the routines of everyday life? Why, you cannot break routines within your home country? Have a staycation, won’t you? It’s not like Instagram is dead when everyone is home? Visit your local attractions, like finally, or create your own adventures—like singing in the MRT!

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What then if you can only stay at home and travel on your phone? Travelling on social media is nothing like travelling in person. On Instagram, you can become self-conscious, of your own inactivity. On Facebook, you can become self-unconscious, led around by news which make you laugh, or which make you angry. Laugh by all means—you can film yourself and it might go viral—but don’t trap yourself in toxicity. Don’t quarrel with a stranger then convince yourself the whole world is irreparable.

How, if at the end of laughing cats and dogs, you feel hollow? It can become suffocating if you shut your windows to the outside world. Try meditation, won’t you? Take a deep breath, then another, then another, then another. Travel into your body, and feel the tensions in your feet. That French delicacy is making you hungry, but bring your mind back to your feet. That You Raise Me Up cover reminds you of your mother ranting at your unwashed dishes, but yeah, your feet. You realize that scream came from the similarly-titled film, so it is time to work that feet out of your house! You are free!

Graduation Trip

Escape is a form of travel. [Source]

That would be an Instagram story to rival with the most distant of grad trips, wouldn’t it? But if you are still thinking rivalry right after that meditation, you probably did it wrong. Now go back into that house. You are still trapped anyway. =]

Summary: Ideas for Your Graduation Trip

1. Travel to an overseas country.
2. Travel within your own country.
3. Travel on crowded public buses or trains.
4. Travel through friends’ Instagram stories.
5. Detour to Facebook for the time being.
6. Detour to SmartCasualSG for ideas on travel.
7. Travel into your mind on your relation to everyday life.
8. Travel into your own body.
9. Travel away from your demons, to no avail.


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