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Sociology Quotes - Ivan Illich on Deschooling Skills

Ivan Illich: Deschooling Skills

Who Is Ivan Illich? A Croatian-Austrian philosopher. He surfaced in 1926, and departed in 2002. In his time, he writes radical polemics which fundamentally challenged the logic of Western institutions. He was a boldly deviant thinker under-appreciated by both the left and the right in later years. Look him up...

A Sociological Empath

NUS Sociology Module Reading Lists

Sociology speaks to individuals finding places within societies. Isn’t that what we do everyday, all our lives?

Social Deviant: Dabbing Physics Teacher in Singapore

Textbook that’s heavy. Paper that’s light. Now, paper on top of textbook; let’s try this. One, two – and three! Plop goes the textbook – and paper. Pop goes my heart, because the Physics teacher then does something none of my ex-teachers are likely to have done… heck, most students couldn’t...

Ken Robinson: 4 Roles That Expert Teachers Play

Ken Robinson: 4 Roles That Expert Teachers Play

Since I was on about the significance of “the”, here’s a counter-example. Again, I’m citing Ken Robinson’s excellent book Creative Schools, but this time over a less inspired, more mnemonic use of 4 categories. In discussing the functions of expert teachers, he used 4 adjectives beginning with ‘E’, clearly to facilitate...

Ken Robinson: The 4 Basic Purposes of Education

“The” is a definitive word. I could have left it out, and it would have been in character. Part of my motivation is to show my respect for Ken Robinson, whose TED talk was assigned in school and whose book Creative Schools is my reference for this post (and likely more)....