Putting Myself in Digital Shoes

For the course of this blog, I have always looked to put myself in my own shoes. My feet was growing, so I needed to keep making clear where I stand. Whenever my toes grew sore, I had to get larger shoes. My burgeoning vision finally grew to size these past few months!

But as I have since figured, adulthood comes with greater responsibilities. It’s no longer enough to think about my own comforts. I must think about what others are comfortable with, wherever I meet them. I have to find a fit for life’s functions.

SmartCasualSG is a digital platform. For it to function effectively, I must understand digital rules. The Internet today is characterized by the need for speedy comforts. Suffice to say, my hi-top sneakers here are not easy to put on. The laces are just too long.

I have to be honest; we all have busy lives. Given 15 minutes, we almost certainly go for light-hearted consumption over heavy-handed contemplation. I do, too. So it is not fair for me to demand too much from you. Longer posts give me more space to play with ideas, but shorter posts give you more space to digest them.

I think crocs are needed going forward. They are easy to put on, allow much breathing space, but also provoke a little more self-consciousness.

The why has not changed, only the how.

Digital Shoes

[Credit: Flickr]

Socio Empath

Hi, my name is Eugene. I am a Sociology graduate from the National University of Singapore. This blog is an invitation: To see our selves as colored by cultures, and to brighten the colors of our society. I seek to help you create freedom in everyday life, with empathy and the sociological imagination.

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