6 Career Personality Types (RIASEC)

“Too many careers; too few careers for me!” If this statement appeals to you – like me – try doing the Holland Code Career Test (or the RIASEC test)! This self-assessment will help you identify your preferences and by extension, suitable work environments. Remember: Answer based on your level of interest, not ability!

Here are brief descriptions of each type:

Realistic: Prefers working alone with things, but with concrete tasks. Enjoys the outdoors.

Investigative: Prefers working independently, with opportunity to observe/analyze/predict in abstract ways. Mostly introspective.

Artistic: Prefers unstructured work environments with opportunity for self-expression. Least conventional.

Social: Prefers working with people, with opportunity to train/heal/enlighten/minister to others, thru feelings/intuition. Often idealistic.

Enterprising: Prefers managing/persuading others and taking risks themselves.

Conventional: Prefers structured work environments with established procedures, prizing attention to detail. Least artistic.

RIASEC Career Test Results: ASIThis RIASEC test says I am an ASI!

If you happen to have “Artistic” as one of your top 2 or 3 preferences, high five! I recommend a book by Carol Eikleberry (link below), in which she outlined various ways to make space for our creativity and included a long glossary of specific occupational jobs suited for different combinations of Artistic types.

Regardless of your type results, do not rule out occupations just because their cultures don’t fit your personality perfectly. Sometimes being the different one makes you more valuable!

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Database: O-Net Career Exploration Tool
Book: The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People – Carol Eikleberry

One thought on “6 Career Personality Types (RIASEC)

  1. I don’t think we fit into personality types, it is too generalized. The system I use Face Pattern Recognition, simply identifies the traits we were born with all based on the structure of the face. Then we look at the trait clusters to see how that can modify or negate a trait. For example people who tend to get overly anxious will have close set eyes, now add a narrow with this which indicates they gain their confidence through knowledge, this will add to the level of anxiety when face with new situations. The face is simply a guide to our inner blue print. When we understand the why we are better able to handle situations. This trait combination could be seen in every personality type. Individuals with close set eyes and the backward balance trait, they will run over past situations until they are bigger than life.

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