8 Career Pathways for Creative People

If creativity is in your bones – test yourself with the RIASEC test! – the conventional wisdom of elders and even peers may lead to choices detrimental to our career satisfaction. Thankfully, Carol Eikleberry has outlined the various options for us to support our creativity and our livelihoods at the same time:

  1. Create an unconventional career.
  2. Get a grant or find a patron.
  3. Take a creative job as a way to earn your living.
  4. Freelance a service.
  5. Teach in your field.
  6. Run a small business marketing your creative work.
  7. Take a conventional job and have a creative hobby.
  8. Take a bread-and-butter job to support your creative ambitions temporarily, until your creative work is self-supporting.

These options are, clearly, not mutually exclusive. Take a moment to think about each option, and which are plausible in your field and cultural context. Since I identify – and am identified – as Artistic, I too will be thinking and possibly writing my thoughts on some of these options.

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Book: The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People – Carol Eikleberry

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