CNY Angbao Ranting

Note 1: Originally published on Feb 13, 2013
Note 2: But these things don’t grow old!

If you are Singaporean, I’m sure you have heard. The big news of the Chinese New Year thus far.

A 13-year-old boy posted a photo with his angbao receipts totalling some S$700. Then through Facebook, complained how little it was. The immaturity extends further, as he asks his girlfriend to share half of her takings.

CNY Angbao Singapore oy

[Source: Flickr]

Criticism galore. But haven’t we seen this before?

Rant at the boy! But have we never complained about people who don’t reciprocate in kind? And what about those who Stomp for hollow entertainment? While the boy has to learn, so does many of us.

Rant at youths! But there are certainly those in their 20s, their 30s, their 40s and 50s (and above) who display the same attitude of selfishness; just more furnished with a facade not particular to any generation.

Rant at society! But this is a time to put down our differences, judgments and gather in goodwill! And while misguided comments online can appal, sometimes Facebook can be a lens to help us see our collective problems clearer.

CNY can be a great occasion to interact sincerely with relatives and friends we don’t meet often enough. You may rush or you may relax. Just stop ranting, about anything. We are celebrating the new year, not complaint season.

And… yes, I gotta stop complaining too!!

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