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Inconvenient Questions Down, The Online Citizen Hiatus

The Downfall of Alternative News Sites in Singapore?

Inconvenient Questions is down. The Online Citizen is taking a break. What next?

SG Streetspeaks: Religious Touting

An encounter with someone who misleads me to make me see what’s “right”.

A Sociological Empath

GE2015: What’s In A Vote?

On Sep 11, I will be making my first political vote as a Singapore citizen. But I only have one vote. In the end, it’s not enough to win over Aljunied for George Yeo, or Potong Pasir for Lina Chiam. Far from it. So how do I matter in the...

SG50: In The Light of LKY

SG50: In The Light of LKY

9 August. This national milestone will certainly be marked by the undertones of one man, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Much has been said in March, but what stood out was the remarkable unity with which Singaporeans spoke out for the legacy of their founder.

A Sociological Empath

NLB Controversy – Justified Anger, Unjustified Censure

Books are a writer’s greatest labour. That’s why writers ought to be most outraged by NLB’s decision to destroy 3 children books. Unlike blogs and articles, books are a painstaking result of brainstorming, drafting, editing, negotiating and publishing. The process is justified by the product; an original creation that will...

A Sociological Empath

Are You Proud to be a Singaporean?

Steph Micayle. She has become all the buzz this new year. Her unrestrained criticism of Singapore has garnered much attention and stirred passionate discussion. Her viral video has received many thumbs up. Yet, many others are also concerned. Some bloggers gave witty responses; one of them even critiqued the video...