Guest Post Submission Calls on Society & Culture

Guest posting sites galore, but finding a fit for your functions may not be easy. If you are a Singaporean like me, travel blogs may have bored you out. If you are a Sociology student like me, academic magazines may feel too detached from your expressive needs.

We need outlets from the pressures of work and the tensions of life. We deserve spaces to escape, in order to return more fully. I venture SmartCasualSG as one such space: for Singaporeans, for Sociology students, and for anyone with a taste for introspection, innovation, or cultural activism. Here are a few personal benefits for guest contributors:

  • You can republish elsewhere, shall suitable platforms arise.
  • You can include a bio and an Instagram link for publicity.
  • Your post may be included in derivative works with due credit.
  • Your work may be featured in future eBook compilations.

If you have the capacity to reimagine your everyday life, then I invite you to write. Because it is in writing that we can reflect on what we know and don’t know, for the consideration of those who struggle to. We all need a little struggle, sometimes.

Guest Posts I’m Looking For

1) Essays on Sociology

Sociology students of the world, unite! It must be hard to take your voice outside the classroom, given how we make life more difficult for others. Fret not, here’s your refuge! You can muse over quotes and theories, or reflect on your experiences applying Sociology to everyday life. May we make the sociological imagination great… ever after!

2) Specialist Op-Eds

Are you working in the education, medical, engineering, or law professions? Do you have insider knowledge to the media, publishing, commerce, and art industries? Or have you read and ruminated on matters of society and culture? Then the public needs your voice! You should apply your expertise with a human voice to a specific dilemma or a recent news event.

3) Photo Essays on Singapore

We all travel, for pleasure, for work, and the in-between commute. But how often have you paused to absorb Singapore’s sights, and listen to its people’s sounds? Take a particular place or event – official or everyday – and write a personal reflection, a detailed description, or an op-ed for marginalized groups. Focus on just one angle for each submission.

4) Artist/Musician Features

Are you a Singaporean creator working hard at your craft? Whether you think you are ready or “not there yet”, we can all benefit from the stories and lessons of those who brave a life of pursuing passions. You can either share a stirring personal story or a reflection on a specific work, in essay or Q&A format. Feel free to combine with your like-minded friends in creating a piece worth reading!

5) Social Activist Features

Are you a founder, organizer, or long-term volunteer at a non-profit organization, social enterprise, or startup? Are you working to produce social change in Singapore? You can write a personal essay on the work you are doing. No promotional pitches please, but thoughtful reflections on the merits and limitations of your work, and how you relate to it as a person.

For any queries, please drop an email to