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Should You Craft New Year Resolutions?

Should You Craft New Year Resolutions?

We must remember to look and strive beyond the immediate, the demands to keep our heads down in the mud. And what better way to look up into the skies than through New Year resolutions!

Cat on High Place

High Place Phenomenon: The Urge to Jump Is Not A Wish To Die

The breeze drew me to the windows, and seconds later, my mind threw me out of it. Or so I thought—I visualized the jump and subsequent plunge. My heart skipped a beat and my body recoiled immediately. Was I thinking of suicide? Not necessarily. Jennifer Hames and her colleagues (2012)...

Empath Partner Types

3 Potential Partner Type Matches for Empaths

Do you feel things first, then think? Do you hear what people not say? Do you, as Judith Orloff says, “sense other people’s emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in [y]our bodies, without the usual filters”? If so, you probably are an empath. If not, do any friends spring to mind?...

Ken Robinson: 4 Roles That Expert Teachers Play

Ken Robinson: 4 Roles That Expert Teachers Play

Since I was on about the significance of “the”, here’s a counter-example. Again, I’m citing Ken Robinson’s excellent book Creative Schools, but this time over a less inspired, more mnemonic use of 4 categories. In discussing the functions of expert teachers, he used 4 adjectives beginning with ‘E’, clearly to facilitate...

Ken Robinson: The 4 Basic Purposes of Education

“The” is a definitive word. I could have left it out, and it would have been in character. Part of my motivation is to show my respect for Ken Robinson, whose TED talk was assigned in school and whose book Creative Schools is my reference for this post (and likely more)....

Sociology Canon Thinkers Marx Durkheim Weber

Arthur Stinchcombe: 6 Reasons to Read Sociological Classics

Marx, Durkheim, Weber. They remain our pillows in… I mean pillars to Sociology. Much subsequent work situates themselves within the paradigms of these classical thinkers. Why is it that we remain obsessed with them, even if their most notable assertions have been countered and disproved by modern instruments of scientific...