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Chinese English Lyric Translations

Translating My Love for Chinese Music

Chinese is in my blood. It gives colour to my skin and forms the first legible sounds through my teeth. Despite my childhood prowess in math, there was a pride to being in a Higher Chinese class and, later, in entering Hwa Chong. That pride turned out to be a...

A Sociological Empath

Can You Be Intelligent Without Conscious Command of Knowledge?

With education, I’m on the progressive train. By progressive, I mean that assessments should ideally be continual, rather than compressed into the be-all and end-all of the Final Exam. It is perhaps the popular stance to take, unless Tiger Mums are your thing. The delight, then, when I realized I’ll...

Border Retaining Walls

Building the Right Wall – For All

Earth is fickle. Its plates shift, breaking old alliances and forging new ones. Sometimes they quiver so much they form quakes, tsunami-ing lives and lifestyles. Its politics are much the same, only swifter. Power changes hands and definitions faster than ever, though not a lot of it count as progress....

A Sociological Empath

To Kishore: In Defence of Self-Help

Self-help can be serious. And serious books are a form of self-help, too.

Nokia 6030

Phoney Problems: Failing at Normalcy

I got my first phone at age 16. I got my first smartphone at age 21. These numbers make little sense unless I situate myself within cultural developments. So let me clarify: I got my first phone – a Nokia 6030 hand-me-down – almost 2 years after the release of the 1st generation of...