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Max Weber Sociology and Social Action

Are You In It for the Sociology Degree?

You’d think sociologists are best-equipped to debunk stereotypes. Surprise then, this semester, when ALL 3 of my NUS Sociology lecturers, in cordial but resigned tones, levelled essentially the same accusation at us students: That we are in it for the degree. The most subtle instance came during a Social Thought lecture on...

Emotionless Smartphone Commute Singapore

Emotionless Singapore: Not True, Not Relevant

According to Gallup, Singapore is the least emotional country in the world. This is probably worth celebrating if you were Durkheim (Mestrovic, 1993), who believed individual desires are infinite and required social control, for the good of both society and individual. Yet the survey findings are deeply problematic. I will...

KTPH Comfort Ward Design

KTPH Visit: Hospitals Need Not Be All Doom And Gloom

Step inside Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) for a breath of fresh air. Literally, because the buildings are designed with gaps and fins, allowing winds to ventilate all open spaces. And they were spacious indeed. Yet the first impressions were formed earlier. The fashionable glass exterior is fronted by potted...

How I Pick Sociology Modules

Why take Sociology if you don’t exercise your agency? 4 factors at play: Timetable, Assessment, Curriculum, Self-Development.

A Sociological Empath

Computing IGP profiles: The Value of Degrees

In my introductory class to sociology, I was told that back in the 1960s, one needed higher grades to pursue an Arts/Social Sciences degree than a Law degree. Law? LOL are you kidding me? It drew gasps all around. I had no way to verify it, but basic sociological reasoning informs...

A Sociological Empath

Degrees of Honour: First Class or Third?

I have been working part-time for my school’s Commencement ceremony. The work is mundane – more on that another day – but the access to individual transcripts made me wonder about the differing trajectories, and also think about the journey I’m a year into. Here are 5 discoveries: You can...