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SG Music: Jude Young – Young EP [Lyrics/Videos]

SG Music: Jude Young – Young EP [Lyrics/Videos]

  I have heard Jude Young play with music since his Secondary School days–when he was still Yu Quan. Full of passion, he picked up the guitar and emanated vibes reminiscent of Jason Mraz across the school. Though still naive in the belief that talent is proportionate to popularity–and thus...

Charlie Lim - Blah Blah Blues

SG Music: Charlie Lim – Blah Blah Blues

Charlie Lim only became known to me last month. Following a friend’s recommendation, I searched for and found his TIME/SPACE album on YouTube. My first reaction was to gasp. Since when did such a musician exist in Singapore? This has to be on me, since Charlie appears pretty well-known within...

Mediacorp Drama Theme Songs 2018 - Qi Yuwu

Mediacorp Ch 8 Drama Theme Songs of 2018

These days it’s hard to be a celebrity in Singapore. Over the past year, there have been news of Mediacorp celebrities getting engaged or giving birth to children. They include Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei, who have theme songs featured onscreen. Yet instead of returning congratulations, or simply scrolling past,...

SG Music: The Apex Project – 那一刻 on 知星人

SG Music: The Apex Project – 那一刻 on 知星人

Over 10 years have passed, since Ng Chee Yang 黄智阳 was crowned champion in the first season of Campus Superstar. While the runner-up Teresa Tseng 曾詠霖 (now 曾詠熙) has had successful runs on singing contests in China and Taiwan, Chee Yang has mostly flew under the radar in the region...

A Sociological Empath

SG Music: Tay Kewei x Alfred Sim on When Duty Calls 卫国先锋

Alfred Sim’s vocal delivery is no doubt reliable, but it is his wife Tay Kewei who enchanted me in the 卫国先锋 subtheme 以为的以为.

Joanna Dong 董姿彥 Sing! China

SG Music: Joanna Dong 董姿彦 on Sing! China 2

Last season, <Sing! China 中国新歌声> – renamed after 4 seasons as <The Voice of China 中国好声音> – kicked off stunningly with Singapore’s Nathan Hartono 向洋. He swept all 4 judges off their feet and finished an eventual 2nd. Incredibly, this season’s first episode again featured a Singaporean: Joanna Dong 董姿彦! Watch her...