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Low Thia Khiang Goh Chok Tong Parliament

Rereading the Best Articles on the 38 Oxley Road Saga

As the allegations among the Lee siblings abate (for now), let us take a step back and relook at articles which may help us make better sense of the escalating saga. Despite all the noise, no one can be certain of the facts. Rather than add to the speculation, perhaps...

A Sociological Empath

To Kishore: In Defence of Self-Help

Self-help can be serious. And serious books are a form of self-help, too.

Bolt Phelps Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Heroes: From Legends to Mortals

Why do we watch sports? You can do the research, but I’m guessing we are looking for heroes. Heroic stories to rouse us from the monotony of our everyday routines. Maybe even restore our faith in humanity, battered too much by terrorist attacks, keyboard warriors, and Donald Trump insults.

Inconvenient Questions Down, The Online Citizen Hiatus

The Downfall of Alternative News Sites in Singapore?

Inconvenient Questions is down. The Online Citizen is taking a break. What next?

SG Foreign Worker Poet

1st SG Foreign Worker Poet: Migrant Difficulties

A tale for migrants of low privilege, prejudiced locals, aspiring writers, and underdog story lovers.

A Sociological Empath

NLB Controversy – Justified Anger, Unjustified Censure

Books are a writer’s greatest labour. That’s why writers ought to be most outraged by NLB’s decision to destroy 3 children books. Unlike blogs and articles, books are a painstaking result of brainstorming, drafting, editing, negotiating and publishing. The process is justified by the product; an original creation that will...