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Fitness Tracker

HPB Trackers: How to Nudge Healthy Lifestyles for the Long-term?

Money is a good nudge for behaviour. But is it a good nudge for longer-term lifestyles? Can HPB reward us differently for lasting change?

Low Thia Khiang Goh Chok Tong Parliament

Rereading the Best Articles on the 38 Oxley Road Saga

As the allegations among the Lee siblings abate (for now), let us take a step back and relook at articles which may help us make better sense of the escalating saga. Despite all the noise, no one can be certain of the facts. Rather than add to the speculation, perhaps...

Finding a Career Fit for Sociology Students

Can Sociology Students Work in Specialist Fields?

“You can do anything you want” is a self-help refrain that often shows up in the sales pitches of generalist disciplines, not least Sociology. The problem with having too many options is that Sociology graduates-to-be still have no idea which career path(s) to take. Thus many end up as teachers, researchers,...

PSLE Results: What Next?

I pause every time someone asks, “Which school were you from?” I knew what the response would likely be. And surprisingly by my standards, I also knew what my response to their response would be. “Woah Hwa Chong one, no wonder so smart!” “No la, it just shows what I...

Is the 6-Hour Workday for Singapore?

Sweden is the chocolate factory for the modern developed world. Whenever our problems need an outlet, we crave for more endorphins. We look for the handy jar of Swedes. It was the case with education, free and rote-free. So it is now, with the 6-hour workday making the rounds on the Internet, even if...

Karl Marx Theories

The Estranged Labour of Online Surveys

Money is burdensome. As Karl Marx lectured, “wage is but a necessary consequence of labor’s estrangement”. Money is what we deserve for hours x hours of unsatisfying work. But extra money is different. Extra money is a bonus we are not entitled to receive. Extra money is a guilty pleasure we derive for getting more...