A Sociological Empath

What Color Is Your Parachute of Life?

Forget the job-seeking guide; here is a job-performing guide. A guide to reclaim the colors in the career of our lives. A career defined by paid work and shadow work, by schooling and deschooling. A deschooling that involves replacing common sense with your own unique sense. A sense that stems from the realization that society is not an abstract we can detach from, but a reality we have to live through.

Developing your unique sense is a work of sociological imagination. You need to see your selves as colored by cultures, from the contested politics to the accepted social norms. You need to understand that just as the environment affects your health, your health – physical, mental, existential – also affects your environment. You need to then turn this reflexivity into curiosity and agency, to brighten the colors of your society.

Life is difficult, I know. But life is the job we must perform, whether we like it or not. If you avoid working your selves through knowledge, experience, and introspection, you will lose your job one day and realize you have never lived.

Time is limited; it is. Efficiency is necessary for us to function, whether we like it or not. So I have put myself in digital shoes and opted for a more componental approach. Not only are my posts short enough to digest between work and lunch, they are also served in delectable colors to meet your specific appetites:

Orange [mains]: Musing/Observing/Reading
Pink [starters]: Quotes/Quizzes/Resources
Green [desserts]: Music/Arts/Travel + Translations
Blue [buffets]: Social Initiatives/Activists + Op-Eds

Why don’t I match the text colors with the words? Well, it’s because we are conditioned to see the world in black-and-white. It is up to each individual to perceive the colors in everyday life. Only then can we discover that every individual is an assembly of colors, whether we like them or not. Only then can we realize the vibrant colors hiding in our own selves.

If you believe that life is worth working on, then join me in this refreshing journey of reimagining everyday life. For latest posts, follow by email below. For monthly curated themes, follow on Facebook. For SG photos, follow on Instagram. For sociology quotes, follow on Twitter. For showing love, share my posts to those you love whichever media you prefer.

So, what color is your parachute? Well, no one has to pick a single color for their parachutes. But everyone has to design their own parachutes. May we survive the winds and enjoy the sails.

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Chinese English Lyric Translations

Translating My Love for Chinese Music

Chinese is in my blood. It gives colour to my skin and forms the first legible sounds through my teeth. Despite my childhood prowess in math, there was a pride to being in a Higher Chinese class and, later, in entering Hwa Chong. That pride turned out to be a response to affirmation, to being formally recognized as excellent. In time, encircled by more excellent company, I began to appreciate Chinese assignments. They encourage us to form thoughts on matters of moral significance. They encourage our selves to participate.

Ah, I identify with Chinese.
啊, 中文化是我一部分.

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Border Retaining Walls

Building the Right Wall – For All

Earth is fickle. Its plates shift, breaking old alliances and forging new ones. Sometimes they quiver so much they form quakes, tsunami-ing lives and lifestyles. Its politics are much the same, only swifter. Power changes hands and definitions faster than ever, though not a lot of it count as progress. Its people must thus keep shifting, along with but also against these shifts, to find their newest right place on Earth.

SmartCasualSG is a little world in itself, about to see its first seismic shift. It emerges from the cracks and patches that have come before, the most recent of which are Putting Myself in Digital Shoes and Elevating Public Discourse. Yet unlike Earth, the looming changes are not decisions of a whimsical kind. They are practical responses to social habits, the reward of a clearer and less prejudiced mind.

I wasn’t prejudiced against a particular race, language, or religion. Rather, I was prejudiced by my personality, by being someone who views knowledge as practical in itself. I was prejudiced by my attention, too introverted to empathize with others’ difficulties. I was prejudiced by my education, informing the mistaken effort to mix every bit of theory and finding with personal experience, to show the merits of viewing all reality as subjective.

I was prejudiced by the places I stood; the vantage points I took.

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Elevating Public Discourse

Mainstream, alternative, and social media. These are all vital sources of public knowledge in modern life. As platforms multiply, we bask in the freedom of discourse. But are we more free? We now live in a highly-polarized world, where civility is for the “weak”. Such spitefulness may be suited for revolutions, but ours is a time for evolution. What we need is an elevation in the quality of public discourse.

The solution: Academia.

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Digital Shoes

Putting Myself in Digital Shoes

For the course of this blog, I have always looked to put myself in my own shoes. My feet was growing, so I needed to keep making clear where I stand. Whenever my toes grew sore, I had to get larger shoes. My burgeoning vision finally grew to size these past few months!

But as I have since figured, adulthood comes with greater responsibilities. It’s no longer enough to think about my own comforts. I must think about what others are comfortable with, wherever I meet them. I have to find a fit for life’s functions.

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