A Multiplicity of Visions

“That’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being – to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible.” – Malcolm Gladwell

Who’s got the time for that, you ask. There are tons of work, all kinds of anxiety, and endless sources of entertainment. But how can you find comfort in life without confronting the obligatory problems of our time?

My goal here is to reflect on various social dimensions – education, work, leisure, health, social life, etc. – and write myself into these inconvenient realities. Because society is not an abstract we can detach from, but a reality we have to live through. By looking within, we can open new ways of living. And in looking out, we open to the beauty in our midst.

I hope to open multiple windows for your own reflection, wherever you are. Here are some starters:

Smart Casual: My Blog Ethos
Finding A Fit
: Facing Life’s Challenges
Observatory: Discovering Social Worlds
Index: Best Posts by Categories

Should you prefer a more integrated lens, fret not! I have also sorted the various categories into 4 main dishes: Culture, Knowledge, Leisure, Success. Though ‘success’ takes a category of its own, I believe that empathy, curiosity, and participation are all vital qualities for a truly successful life. They aren’t always easy to make time for; that’s why they are life’s functions.

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Join me in rewriting our lives, will you? 🙋

A Multiplicity of Visions
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