HK/Macau Trip: Tai O Fishing Village

Fishing villages aren’t likely to tamper with online reviews, so good reviews meant a short trip to Tai O on Lantau Island is a must.

It was a really short trip. We followed the bus crowd into the local specialty market, and it took 15 minutes before we decided this was never going to end. It might appeal to some, but certainly not for my Malaysian relatives, who are no stranger to such markets in their hometown. We did get a pack of egglets (HK-style waffles), though it was unremarkable.


Yum-yum! [Link]

I found a narrow opening, and it led to a good view of some stilt houses! That was what I wanted to see! Off with the cams!


But the process was tinged with irony. We seek a peaceful environment, but when we find it, we instantly turn to the technologies which connect us to our busy worlds. Instead of interacting with the locals, we literally stand opposite. So often, travel is mainly self-serving. Not to say it’s bad, but often I feel I am missing out on more meaningful experiences.

We returned to where we disembarked, and strode to the bridge. That’s when we figure we missed most of the sights anyway.


It was a peaceful Monday; I could probably sit here all evening.

Yet as the dark was looming and some legs were giving way, we ventured no further. The sea view was therapeutic. It kind of symbolized my present relationship with travel: A sea of opportunities ahead, but I haven’t left the port.


And wait for sunset, but my fellow travelers wanted to head back.

Well, it’s okay. At least I made it to the port. Here’s hoping my future trips will yield a tad more glee, a tad more adventure!

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