HK/Macau Trip: Victoria Harbour

Without laughter to keep us warm at Mirador Mansion – unlike the funny lift episode at Alhambra Building – we decided to head out to the Victoria Harbour on our coldest night there, at around 12 deg C. Maybe the light show at 8pm will warm our hearts.


Brief but nostalgic walk, from the 1990s that is!

We got there by an underpass featuring the history of Hong Kong entertainment. Hong Kong really celebrates their movie stars. Perhaps there should be one in Singapore. Who knows, maybe Jeanette Aw has entire walkways to herself in Malaysia, Indonesia or Cambodia? [Shout-out: A Best Actress is long overdue!]

Soon after emergence, we found ourselves amidst throes of fellow sightseers, 15 minutes to 8pm. After lots of walking, that’s what we need to pause and slowly take in the sights. Never mind that it was really chilling; you don’t get better winds than at the harbour.


Gorgeous reflections!

The light show was astonishing. There I was, expectant in the face of chilling winds, ready for liberation. Instead, I saw a protracted show of gratitude to sponsors. And I found the best is yet to come. Slowly, green lights emerged from appointed buildings. They take turns scanning the sky. And this went on for the next 5-10 minutes.

Huh? It felt like night guards on duty who have little interest in what the other night guards are doing. Just earning their keeps. Perhaps this is another instance of laughter tourism?


V for victory? V for Victoria? o-o-okay…

Enough is enough! I’m going to watch Star Wars instead!

Jokes aside, I enjoyed my time at the Victoria Harbour. It was really gorgeous. That part was liberating. As for the light show aka commercial advertisement, it is certainly what we call in Mandarin, 画蛇添足, or drawing feet onto a snake.

My photos are mostly grainy, because I want you to see it for yourself, in person. Tell me if the epic Star Wars battle materialized, maybe after 50 ads? Okay I admit… I took the photos using my phone camera. So if you are looking for pretty photos, don’t come here. Go to Google. Come here for the writing 🙂


We ended the harbour trip with a stop at The Peninsula hotel. It’s probably beaming to pretty tourists on Hong Kong Island. Unashamedly, we indulged in the grandeur of it all. We must have exemplified the mass tourist going rah-rah over an entirely non-local and commercial construction. Well, you can’t really separate the local and foreign anymore. It’s all part of the package.


Bonus: Taken outside the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which was closed for a makeover.

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