My ORD Thoughts

NS is like a school you never picked, but got picked by. When something is not your 1st choice, or 2nd, or 3rd, it can be hard to be bothered.

Every day is a struggle between sloth and diligence. It often seems that, whether we do more work or less, fast or slow, we get the same rewards. When extra effort goes unrewarded – even exploited – it tempts one to opt for the easy way.

But beyond tangible rewards, I find that the work I do in NS reflects the person I am, and the way I respond to challenges shapes the person I become. Only hardship can make one a stronger, better person.

For that I thank everyone who has played a part of my 2-year journey. Whether you lent me support or gave me challenges, I am grateful because that’s how life works – ups and downs, give-and-take.

I leave feeling satisfied, because I have become more organized, focused and fulfilled, having done things that I hope make it easier or better for those after me. When I look back, I will remember the good memories – the good work done and good friends made.

Everything else will become mere footnotes; unclear and unimportant.


My ORD Thoughts
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