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Penang Georgetown Hotel Balcony

Penang Trip: Pick Roads, Not Hotels

Accommodation. As with all compromises, temporary housing solutions are often not too pleasing, especially if they reside on the lower rungs of our travel priorities. I personally care little, as long as basic needs and cleanliness are in order. Yet following my induction into planning, I was eager to avoid the amusement...

Penang Hill Love

Penang Trip: Romance of Penang Hill

Air Itam, the site of magnificence perched on hills. It’s a fitting name even if “air” doesn’t mean 20% 0xygen, and is actually pronounced with two vowels: “AH-eh” (simplified IPA: [ɑ.e]). Better yet, it means ‘water’! (As for the other word, I’ve heard both “EE-tam” and “AI-tam”. I’m tending towards the...

Upside Down Museum, Penang

Penang Trip: Upside Down Museum

Museum. The word evokes shared silence, a state of appreciation in honour of rare artifacts and dim lights. I’ve thought of wearing slippers to museums, because the flapping feet movements will turn me into an object of constant scrutiny, like I am an exhibit of historical or artistic value. This time round,...

JB Customs

JB to SG: Tangled in Corridors and Lanes

Have you ever been to shopping malls where the escalators alternate directions? Normally, you’d assume a small displacement is all it takes to go up each floor. But no, you have to walk across a dozen stores to reach the next ‘up’ escalator, then again for the next, and the...

HK/Macau Trip: Tai O Fishing Village

HK/Macau Trip: Tai O Fishing Village

Fishing villages aren’t likely to tamper with online reviews, so good reviews meant a short trip to Tai O on Lantau Island is a must.

HK/Macau Trip: Victoria Harbour

HK/Macau Trip: Victoria Harbour

Without laughter to keep us warm at Mirador Mansion – unlike the funny lift episode at Alhambra Building – we decided to head out to the Victoria Harbour on our coldest night there, at around 12 deg C. Maybe the light show at 8pm will warm our hearts.