Mediacorp Ch 8 Drama Theme Songs of 2013

Theme songs can make the difference between good and memorable, and between bad and acceptable. Unlike 2014, 2013 was an experimental year. (At least that’s what we call a year of poor viewership figures.) Among others, 2013 included an idol drama, a startup drama, a male coming-of-age drama, a female coming-of-age drama, a historical drama, and a meta-drama. One might expect a comparably wide range of theme songs, too!

Thus, I have compiled this list of opening and ending Mediacorp drama theme songs, with video links wherever I can locate them. I’ve decided to give stars to those which stand out, either personally or thematically. I wouldn’t go further to give ratings, because music is so subjective and there’s really no need to start bickering over such things.

This list includes all major Ch 8 dramas mainly aired in 2015, with 2 bonus from Ch U! All of them are Mediacorp productions, unless stated. They are arranged chronologically, by date of first airing. Here you go!


[Credit: Mediacorp]

🌟 denotes my personal faves (partly a reflection of my tastes)
★ denotes the best opening theme songs (which I felt best represented the drama)

It’s a Wonderful Life 好运到
Opening theme: Cavin Soh 苏智诚 – 有时候
Ending theme: 苏智诚 / 魏妙如 – 爱不胜防

The Glittering Days 星光灿烂 (7pm)
Opening theme: Joi Chua 蔡淳佳 – 要幸福啊

C.L.I.F. 2 警徽天职2
Opening theme: Power Station 动力火车 – 光荣角色

Marry Me 我要嫁出去 (Ch U; Wawa)
Opening theme: S.H.E – 明天的自己
Ending theme: The Freshman 插班生 – 逞强 🌟
Subtheme: Tay Ke Xin 郑可欣 – 勇敢证明 🌟
Subtheme: DFC 大风吹 – 相约,每天
Subtheme: DFC 大风吹 – I Will Try

Break Free 曙光
Opening theme: Kelvin Tan 陈伟联 – 想飞
Ending theme: Seven Liew 刘家溢 – 认伴

Startup! 创!(Ch U; Woosh)
Opening theme: Tay Kewei 郑可为 – Starting Now

96°C Café 96 °C 咖啡
Opening theme: Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 – 啡情歌 ★
Ending theme: Teresa Tseng 曾咏霖 – 咖啡恋
Subtheme: Joshua 符杰荣 – 爱是疑问

I’m in Charge 小子当家
Opening theme: Ric Liu 刘晋旭 – 要你好看
Ending theme: Ric Liu 刘晋旭 – 橄榄树
Ending theme:  Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 – 橄榄树

The Dream Makers 志在四方 (Blockbuster)
Opening theme: Serene Koong 龚芝怡 – 幸福不难 🌟★
Ending theme: Tanya Chua 蔡健雅 – 十万毫升泪水 🌟

The Recruit Diaries 阿兵新传
Opening theme: 郭家维 / 黄国辉 – 小子从军

Love At Risk 爱情风险
Opening theme: Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 – 爱情风险
Ending theme: Chriz Tong 汤薇恩 – 一首未唱完的情歌

The Enchanted 浴女图 (7pm)
Opening theme: Derrick Hoh 何维健 – 再给爱一次机会
Ending theme: Nick Yeo 姚俊羽 – 原來爱

Sudden 骤变
Opening theme: DFC 大风吹 – 骤变
Ending theme: Olivia Ong – You And Me 🌟

Gonna Make It 小小传奇
Opening theme: Lin Si Tong 林思彤 – 小小故事
Ending theme: Nick Yeo 姚俊羽 – 明天

Disclosed 揭秘 (Wawa)
Opening theme: Canace Wu 亦帆 – 全裸 ★
Ending theme: Canace Wu 亦帆 – 违建
Subtheme: Canace Wu 亦帆 – 禁止回转
Subtheme: Anthony Neely 倪安东 – 疗伤歌手 🌟

The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋 (Blockbuster)
Opening theme: Alfred Sim 沈志豪 – 家乡 ★
Ending theme: Susanna Lau 刘慧祺 – 月光光

The Dream Makers Theme Song

[Credit: Mediacorp]

Both blockbusters were stellar, and their songs didn’t disappoint at all! The Dream Makers, a TV drama about a TV company, was lauded as the best drama since The Little Nyonya 小娘惹. The opening theme is unforgettable by its cast and fans, while the heartwrenching ending theme was perfect for Chen Liping’s scenes and instantly became my favourite Tanya song of all time.

Wawa always nails their song picks, always! No doubt they are helped by affiliations to regional artistes like S.H.E and Anthony Neely. But Marry Me included 4 songs from local musicians. Needless to say, in 2015, Wawa’s blockbuster Crescendo 起飞 included a CD release of remixed Xinyao hits. That’s the greatest statement ever for Singapore music. I hope to create such a list specifically for Crescendo 起飞.

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