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How to be a Busker in Singapore? (Quick Guide)

Do you want to sing, dance, juggle, draw, paint, or mime? Just do it, rock the street! Oh wait, you first need a license from the National Arts Council.

A Sociological Empath

8 Career Pathways for Creative People

If creativity is in your bones – test yourself with the RIASEC test! – the conventional wisdom of elders and even peers may lead to choices detrimental to our career satisfaction. Thankfully, Carol Eikleberry has outlined the various options for us to support our creativity and our livelihoods at the same time:

A Sociological Empath

6 Career Personality Types (RIASEC)

“Too many careers; too few careers for me!” If this statement appeals to you – like me – try doing the Holland Code Career Test (or RIASEC test)! This self-assessment will help you identify your preferences and by extension, suitable work environments. Remember to respond based on your level of interest, not...

A Sociological Empath

NUS “Must-Take” Sociology Modules

Five semesters in, I finally feel like I belong with Sociology. Much has to do with the way I constitute ideas. I don’t rush into asking questions, making judgments, or finding formulas. I prefer to tackle readings on a clean slate and allow them to settle into the subconscious, until...

Penang Georgetown Hotel Balcony

Penang Trip: Pick Roads, Not Hotels

Accommodation. As with all compromises, temporary housing solutions are often not too pleasing, especially if they reside on the lower rungs of our travel priorities. I personally care little, as long as basic needs and cleanliness are in order. Yet following my induction into planning, I was eager to avoid the amusement...