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Getai Singapore

First Time at Getai

Where: Bukit Panjang Open Field When: Originally published on Sep 2, 2012 Last night, I joined my parents and watched getai [歌台]. I had wanted to for a few years now, especially since the Royston Tan film 881 which I, well, haven’t watched. This was my first time seated at a full-fledged...

SG Streetspeaks: Religious Touting

An encounter with someone who misleads me to make me see what’s “right”.

A Sociological Empath

SG Streetspeaks: Walking with a Surveyor

[Learn more about Streetspeaks in Author’s Note below] [Some Mandarin] Where: Choa Chu Kang Interchange When: Mar 2016, Monday, 1630h, Cloudy Train/bus interchanges specialize in annoyances. I can never pass them without the bombardment of lurking men and women and boys and girls looking to trap the weak-willed. It makes me...

HK/Macau Trip: Tai O Fishing Village

HK/Macau Trip: Tai O Fishing Village

Fishing villages aren’t likely to tamper with online reviews, so good reviews meant a short trip to Tai O on Lantau Island is a must.

HK/Macau Trip: Victoria Harbour

HK/Macau Trip: Victoria Harbour

Without laughter to keep us warm at Mirador Mansion – unlike the funny lift episode at Alhambra Building – we decided to head out to the Victoria Harbour on our coldest night there, at around 12 deg C. Maybe the light show at 8pm will warm our hearts.

HK/Macau Trip: An Up-Lift-ing Night

I laughed my head off on my first night in Hong Kong. Though I planned our itinerary, I was minimally involved in the booking of guesthouses. Exam period, after all. My family had a consensus, though, that we should not spend unnecessarily on residence, especially as our travel companions aren’t keen to...